Best Data Recovery Tools for PC & Mac

We Solve Your Data Loss Problems With Best Data Recovery Tools

No matter how you lost your files either accidentally or intentionally deleting them, device was formatted, system error or any virus infection was occured. Our selected tools recovers everything you lost from your computer or any external hard drive.

Have you deleted your important files? Hey, have you accidentally delete your favorite pictures or videos? Are you afraid of now how to restore them just because you have emptied your recycle bin too? Worry no more, there are unlimited free data recovery programs exist that can help you restore deleted files. These efficient programs can help you recover undelete files on your system. So no problem, if files have been deleted accidentally because they are still present on your hard drive.

Today we’ve come up with a list of top best 25 data recovery software that can help you restore your deleted files. So, continue reading this article to get to know about them in detail.

25 Best Free Data Recovery Tools 2020

1- Unstoppable Copier

Unstoppable is the best data recovery software because it allows us to recover the files which are deleted or get corrupted. It has a simple design with a friendly user interface. Its transfer speed is far better than the normal windows copies file.

Unstoppable Copier Software For Data recovery

What Do We Like?
  • This software doesn’t take any space on your pc; it doesn’t need to be installed on your computer to operate.
  • You can operate it from anywhere. So you can easily install it on your USB or Cd drive.
  • This program has a user-friendly interface which is super-easy to understand.
  • It can rebuild the files which are a plus of it even if those do not source data. Besides this, it has a good transfer speed.
What Don't We Like?
  • If you want to transfer or recover a single file, then it is not recommended.
  • At one point it lacks window integration.

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2- Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is the most prominent and famous backup tool for its back up and restoration efficiency. One of the greatest advantages of this tool is that it creates the images of the disk, and when you need to clean the system, it restores them. In short, we can say that it is one of the most trusted tools when it comes to the protection of the data. No matter if you want to store your data online or local, you should have one name in your mind and that is Acronis true image.


What Do We Like?
  • The best backup software with multiple options, one of the best is backup cloud integration

  • It provides the most secure and continuous data protection

  • It has remote back up, which helps its users in some critical cases.
What Don’t We Like?
  • Its cloud storage feature is limited only to those who have subscribed to it
  • It is a time taking software in exploring different features, exploring different terms, so here it is lacking.

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3- Smart Recovery

Smart recovery specifically designed to recover all of your files and pictures which you have lost accidentally or due to some issue. No matter if your files have been removed or lost from your pc or any removable device it’s simple for smart recovery to recover those important files. Like other recovery soft wares, it will also scan your computer to check the corrupted or lost files and will try to recover every single bit of the lost data — the best recovery tool with basic and smooth designs to interact friendly.

Smart Recovery For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • This program has a very simple interface and can lead you to the destination point, which is the recovery of your files in just simple 3 steps. It’s a simple as counting 123 and go

  • Smart recovery tool supports various extensions including JPG, PNG, XLS, DSS, 3GP.

What Don’t We Like?
  • Its slow processing will seriously kill you. If you are using the smart recovery software and hoping in return to get the scan quickly then surely it’s not for you.

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4- DV Disaster

DV Disaster is a lightweight application that helps you to retrieve your lost or damaged data proficiently and quickly. The new function is currently added into it named “verify” function which is used to fix the problem. DV disaster tool uses the error correction technique to create the error codes to reimburse the errors which are not correctable in the CD/DVD drive. DV disaster tries to read damaged and defected data to retrieve it, and the unreadable sectors are compensated by using the previously created error correction code.

DV Disaster For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It’s a lightweight software that you can use to store the data on USBS, CDS or DVD’S. It stores the data on these devices in such a way that it can recover the full data in case of interpreting some errors, whether it is physical or electronic.

  • The unique thing of this software is that it will enable you to easily shift the complete data to a new place in a safer and protected way, including CDs, DVDs, and USB’S.

What Don’t We Like?
  • It requires extra space because it is not portable you have to install the software to use it
  • Not available for Mac.

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5- Free Data Recovery Software 

As the name says, it is a recovery software tool that enables you to recover files that have been lost or damaged. This software has a friendly interface that helps you to easily select the size, type of file you want to recover and just by following some simple steps; you can easily recover your corrupted file.

On a specific case like particular names, specific extension or anything you can use the filter option. You can also use the other specified options to configured something like the attributes of the system which includes archive, read-only things, etc. on the time of recovery of different files, it automatically creates different folders according to the specification and execution process. So, in short, you can say it is the software for which you have been looking for.

Smart Recovery For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It has a good response time

  • The user guide is beneficial and interactive in terms of finding multiple options to recover your data.

What Don’t We Like?
  • This recovery tool needs a specific amount of system resources to complete a scan.

  • It doesn’t have a daily base update system, and for a quite long time it doesn’t receive any updates

  • It disables the toolbar and status bar.

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6- Portable Recuva

Portable Recuva is the most reliable and efficient recovery software which doesn’t need any physical existence to recover your damaged or corrupted files. You simply just have to visit their site, open wizard answer simple questions and here you portable Recuva is ready to recover your files. It also has some specific options like if you want to regain specific documents, audio, or any file, it will help you.

Portable Recuva doesn’t process long to rectify your damaged or missing files. You can enable the deep scan process which usually increases the scan process, and it will find the main root of the problem.

Portable Recuva For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It is portable, so no physical existence needs this tool.
  • You just have to open its wizard, answer some basic questions and here you go.
  • It has enhanced the partition and drives detection.
  • Improved the Fat32 partition file scanning system to a great extent and optimized the overwrite process on windows 10.
What Don’t We Like?
  • It doesn’t receive its updates from quite long.
  • It usually misnames the files frequently.

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7- Recover My Files

If you are working on a special project and suddenly due to some technical problem your document has been corrupted or lost so what you will do? What your boss will say to you? Are you worried?

If yes don’t worry at all, just install the recover my files tool, follow its simple steps to select the file you want to recover and let it do its work and sit back with ease. After some time recover my tool will recover all your files, no matter what is the extension of your file. If its audio, document or any other this tool will recover it, but you have to it step by step means you have to select only one file if you want quick process because usually the combinations of files will take time and you have to save time that’s your main concern.

Recover My Files For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • Recover my files recover all sorts of documents from external devices as well and restore the data from the crashed or damaged devices.
What Don’t We Like?
  • It doesn’t process fast on big files, on the other hand on smaller files it works fine but should be working the same as for large files.
  • Overlapping is a big problem in this tool; you can’t open multiple files.  

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8- Get Data Back for NTFS

It names suggest it is specially designed to deal with the NTFS files. If you have lost your NTFS files and they have vital data then you don’t have to worry at all, simply just go to this tool website, download the software, fill the wizard with the selected questions and here you go. Select the files you want to recover; it will do very efficiently. It’s working and processing time is fast but one thing which is lacking you have to close all of your programs when you are working on this.

It provides multiple options such as system files, system damage recovery, sudden loss of data and partition file recovery.

Get Data Back for NTFS For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • Its processing time is quite fast
  • Its interface is quite easy that even a person who is using the first time can easily select the recovery and fixing problem process to solve its problem
What Don’t We Like?
  • You have to close all programs to run this, which is not a good thing because you can’t stop all of your other working things because of this.  

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9- R-Studio

This program will help you to recover your files which are permanently deleted and corrupted. The virtual option will help you to secure your files even when you are not sitting physically on your computer. You have full control of every sort of data recovering.

r-studio for data recovery

What Do We Like?
  • In this tool, you can select multiple files to recover them all at the same time.
  • One unique option which R-studio provides a virtual Raid which is useful for your operating system.
  • The built-in the text editor will help you critically analyze file which is corrupted and help you to recover it properly.
What Don’t We Like?
  • It’s a time taking process.
  • Not available for Mac.
  • Sometimes recovered corrupted files.

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10- Best Data Recovery 

As its name suggests, it is the best recovery tool if your files are deleted permanently or by mistake even. It can recover all sorts of files including audio, documented or any of any extension, but the amount of copying data is restricted to some files. But on the other hand, the process is quite efficient and fast. It has a very simple interface and a prominent tool for its users to recover the permanently deleted files.

Smart Recovery For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • Fast process and easy interface.
What Don’t We Like?
  • It is restricted to recover a specific amount of data
  • It doesn’t have the liberty to copy multiple files, only have the limitations of copying 3 files.

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11- HDD Regenerator

The best and recommended tool if you want to scan your hard drives effectively. A simple, user-friendly interface allows you to interact with it more conveniently. Although it is a time taking process about it will identify the bad sectors of the disk and will repair the problems, and in this whole process, the user has the safety of not losing the data.

HDD Regenerator For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • As its name suggests, it is specifically designed for the bad sectors of the hard drive. If the sector is corrupted or damaged due to some issue, it will go beyond the depth to find those issues which are not easy for all other recovery tools.
  • By the identification of the bad and physical sectors, it will start its process of fixing the problems without losing the user’s data. 
What Don’t We Like?
  • It is a long-time game; its process is quite long 

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12- On Track Easy Recovery Professional

If you lose your important file and you have to present it to someone and all of your month’s effort is in that file then no doubt you can lose your cool and get frustrated. But by doing this, will you be able to recover your data? No way! You can only harm your mind, and yourself so don’t do this and down the On-track easy recovery professional software which will help you to recover your data which is deleted permanently by following simple steps.

By using this software, you can recover any sort of files including the documents, the audio file or the large excel file, and in size, it will not restrict you. The mail recovery data is the outstanding feature of this brilliant tool which helps you to recover your email data as well, which have been lost.

On Track Easy Recovery Professional for Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • This allows you to recover the huge size data files.
  • This helps you to recover your email files as well.
  • An additional feature of this that it provides the reports which will help to analyze what is happened.
What Don’t We Like?
  • As it has too many functions, no doubt this application is quite advanced. But one thing in which it is lacking is the processing time it takes to execute the process
  • It’s free for home use but not for the commercial or business base which should be!

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13- Comodo Time Machine

Comodo time machine is a tool that can recover all of your lost data very efficiently and easily, sometimes it lacks inaccuracy, but usually, the majority goes on its way. It has a very simple and clean user interface which anybody can learn, and the snapshots system of this tool makes it quite distinctive from all other data recovery tool. So if you want to use this tool, then you have to subscribe to it because in its free trial it has some limitations.

Comodo Time Machine For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It will detect any error at its initial point before the malware enters in it or the system crashes.
  • The snapshots thing is a unique thing that creates different snapshots of the system so you can save it and can check later if something goes wrong by verifying the snapshots.
What Don’t We Like?
  • Its accuracy rate is not 100% sure sometimes it recovered all files and sometimes it doesn’t
  • It shouldn’t be paid.

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14- EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition

If you are facing the data loss issue on a continuous base, then you should try EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition to recover all of your data no matter if it’s audio, video or document base data. This free tool will recover all of your data with 99% accuracy, and now with the latest updates, the FAT files recovery has enhanced to a great extent.

Although its deep process will take time and if you want to finish this in a couple of minutes then this software is not for you, but if you want to a deep scan, then you should use this software. It has a very simple and basic clean design. It also provides you with the filters to apply to any files to recover those.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • The accuracy rate is quite authentic.
  • The recovering quality of the FAT files has enhanced with the more updates which us quite effective.
What Don’t We Like?
  • Its deep scan will take more time than the actual deep process, other tools also have a deep process, but it takes too much time to scan the things
  • Manually you can’t select the files; you have to stick with the filter process.
  • It’s not available for MAC.

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15- DDR-Pen Drive Recovery

If you always store your important data in your flash drives and have a fear to lose it because it can connect with any device, then you should download the DDR-Pen drive Recovery tool which is the optimal solution for this. As its name suggests, it is designed to recover the lost files and pictures from the flashes or pen drives no matter whenever they were deleted or get corrupted.

Its basic scan will look up the recently deleted files or the files you have deleted by mistake, and now they are not accessible. The deep scan will check its drive sector thoroughly. In short, we can say that this tool is best specifically for which it has been designed, and it is completely completing its purpose. So don’t wait and download it as soon as possible.

DDR-Pen Drive Recovery For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It is specifically designed for USB or flash drives which is quite common nowadays.
  • It helps you to recover multiple pics or files no matter on which operating system the USB is connected to.
What Don’t We Like?
  • The process which it has also should be available for all type drives not should be restricted to flash drives.

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16- Data Doctor Recovery – SIM Card

One of the most prominent recovery tools to retrieve data that has been lost from the sim. If you have are SMS marketer and contain a lot of data in your sim because you have to interact with them for marketing, then you should download this software because if you lose that data mistakenly or due to any issue you will eventually lose your clients.

Its interface is very easy to understand, and it doesn’t acquire much space like the other recovery tools usually acquire.

What Do We Like?
  • It recovers the data which have been lost from the sim which includes the contacts and messages.
  • It doesn’t take too much time; its process is fast
  • It takes low space on Ram as comparatively other recovery tools
What Don’t We Like?
  • It is only restricted to recover the data of sims.
  • You can only recover the data which is in your sim card not on pc or laptop which is a lacking point.

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17- File Repair

Files can be lost or easily damaged to malware or some network errors which can be frustrating for you. But you don’t have to panic you simply have to download the file repair tool which has a very simple interface, and it will recover your data and put into a new document so you can see where the recovered data is placed. It supports different formats like XLS, ZIP, DOCS, MPV4, etc. although at one point it lacks that it doesn’t recover multiple files and it doesn’t allow you to add files automatically. Still, besides this, all its process is quite satisfactory and will help you to recover the files.

File Repair For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It has a simple interface that can be used by professionals and beginners as well.
  • It easily recovers the corrupted data and places them into a new document.
What Don’t We Like?
  • You have to add files manually to recover your data.
  • You can’t add multiple files.
  • It doesn’t have many advanced features that other recovery tools usually have.

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18- PC Helper Utilities

This tool will speed up your pc, improve your data backup setup, and format the corrupt sectors. The recovery of data using this tool is tremendous. Most people are using this tool because it just doesn’t recover the data but also provides some extra functionalities which include the protection of your pc, erases the history which is acquiring some extra space in your pc and maintaining 100% health of your PC.

PC Helper Utilities For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • Recovery rate is 100%
  • The process is quite fast
  • Can recover the data from 20 GB to 200GB which is quite exceptional.
What Don’t We Like?
  • Doesn’t have its premium version, so some functionalities have some limitations in it
  • It doesn’t work on MAC. 

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19- O and O Disk Recovery

As a computer user, you always have a certain fear that if you will lose your data and you want to have any backup for this then what will be the result, and most probably the result will be disastrous. So to avoid these sorts of circumstances, download the O and O Disk Recover utility which will help you to recover most of your files which have been lost or damaged due to any reason or even if they are permanently deleted as well. It has 3 process which helps you to scan the document more deeply and effectively. The clever feature usually saves your lot of time by ignoring the existing files. It supports multiple files format.

O and O Disk Recovery For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It takes less time because a sharp feature is added into it which usually ignores the exiting files which save most of your time
  • It has 3 process which helps you to recover your files more deeply. If it doesn’t recover by one process it can be done by second not from second then for sure it will be recovered by the third process
  • Supports multiple file formats.
What Don’t We Like?
  • You can’t use it portably you have to download this to use it.
  • This doesn’t allow you to see how much the successful file occurs means it will not show the ratio of the recovered file.

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20- Stellar Data Recovery

While working on a computer with multiple files, you should take care of one thing that you should have a backup recovery tool in case of the loss of data which usually occurs. We know that you are quite smart so be more protective by doing one thing that is to download the Stellar data recovery utility which will help you to recover all of your permanently deleted files.

It supports multiple formats. It has some advanced find options, provides the full categorization of the scanned and recovered results. Also able to recover the data from the formatted disks. Can recover the data from volumes which has been accidentally deleted.

Stellar Data Recovery For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It is a fast processing tool
  • Have a simple and clean interface
  • It provides a detail categorization of the scanned results
What Don’t We Like?
  • It has limited features in the unregistered version
  • You can’t see the recovered files in the unregistered version you have to register to see those files completely
  • You should have HDD 200 MB of free space.

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21- Restorer2000 Pro

A simple utility with a clean interface which can be used by anyone to recover the files. It can recover all of your files that have been deleted by you or by your little bro. You simply just have to click on the file which you want to recover and select the size of and format of that file then the rest is on Restorer2000 Pro.

Restorer2000 Pro For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It allows you to interact in multiple languages
  • It doesn’t acquire too much space.
What Don’t We Like?
  • In the unregistered version, many features are lacking
  • You only can recover the data up to 128kb in demo version which is not good

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22- Turbo File Uneraser

The best recovery utility which helps you to recover your files which have been deleted or have been deleted due to any issue. Its basic interface will help you to use it efficiently and the main thing of this software that it will not take too much time in processing and even doesn’t acquire too much space of your system and CPU. It has some smart recovery algorithms which improve the accuracy rate of the lost data.

Turbo File Uneraser For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It doesn’t take too much time in scanning the problem and then in fixing as well ( depending upon the size of your hard drive)
  • It takes less space for CPU and system memory.
What Don’t We Like?
  • Doesn’t have specific filter options
  • Hasn’t been updated for quite a time.

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23- Remo Recover 

Remo recover will help you to recover all of your files which have been lost. Like if the system crashes and you are working on a special document, then you can’t work on the file again from the start because it will waste your time and increase your efforts so to avoid this situation you should have a backup and Remo recover should be your first preference.

Remo Recover For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It sorts the data in proper form like its name size, date, etc. after restoring the data
  • Restore the files even if the system is crashed or the USB is ejected. 
What Don’t We Like?
  • Require too much space
  • Not portable
  • Not accurate recovery options in the unregistered version.

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24- Data Recovery

As its name suggests, that is the recovery utility which will be your optimal solution in recovering the files which have been deleted permanently. It supports multiple formats. Have the option to delete the multiple files instantly. You don’t have to download it. The accuracy rate is quite authentic.

Smart Recovery For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • It is portable; no installation is needed
  • The processing time is quite fast.
What Don’t We Like?
  • Acquire too much space on the system
  • Doesn’t have any advanced features
  • Haven’t been an update from quite long.

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25- Mini Tool Power Data Recovery

This software is designed to help you in recovering your lost or damaged files. This utility has a simple and clean design that can be used by anyone. It doesn’t acquire too much space. It has some advanced features and algorithms with which you can select multiple files, select their formats and recover it easily. The formats it supports are DOCS, XLS, MPV4, JPG, etc. if you are a computer addict and occupied with a lot of data, then you should have this tool for a backup option.

Because whenever your system will crash, or accidentally you will delete some file and can’t recover it, then this tool will help you to solve your problem. So, in short, we can say it’s the best tool with some advanced features and specific filter options.

There are many recovery tools, but with the facts, figures and our research, we have gathered the best free and paid tools which are mentioned above. By downloading any of the above which are in downloadable form, you can save your data, and with the portable tools, you can recover your data and save your memory as well.

Mini Tool Power Data Recovery For Data Recovery

What Do We Like?
  • Clean, user-friendly and pleasant GUI
  • Processing time is quite fast
  • Doesn’t hang as other utility tools do
  • Have some specific filters
  • With the advanced features, you can recover more specific files of different formats.
What Don’t We Like?
  • Restricted to 1 GB data in restoration in the unregistered version.

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