DV Disaster For Data Recovery

DV Disaster Software For Lost Data Recovery

DV Disaster For Data Recovery

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DV Disaster

Loss of data is the most frustrating thing which anybody can face so to avoid this thing you should have a backup and let’s say if you don’t have a backup then surely you will be at a dead end. But hold, you don’t have to panic until you have the best utility recovery tool name as DV disaster. DV disaster is a recovery utility tool which helps you to recover all of your lost data in a very effective way. Like all other software is also a recovery tool, but it will allow you to shift your whole data to a new place without any ambiguity. This process is quite safe and protected; this thing distinguishes it from all other software to a great extent. The verify function is also enabled in it, which will fix its problem as soon as possible. It supports multiple formats of the files.

It is a lightweight application which doesn’t acquire too much space on the system memory. One another thing that it will do to secure its data that it will store the data on these devices in a specific way that at the time of recovery it can reimburse the whole data even if some errors are identified whether it is physical or electronic. It’s not a portable tool which it should be, and it is also not available on MAC. The daily updates process is also not authentic, and sometimes the updates will come after a long time which should be improved. DV disaster process is very simple; it reads all the damaged and corrupted data and then to try to reimburse the maximum data. In this, the unreadable sectors are compensated by using the previously created error correction code.

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Interface, Specs, Features, and Compatibility

  • It is only available for window users
  • It supports various languages like English, French, German, and Italian.
  • It doesn’t consume too much space on your system; the download size is just 7.4MB
  • It is free software; you don’t have to pay any amount for its subscription
  • The recovery ratio of the errors are based on the selection of the user
  • It is not dependable on the system file; it works on the image level to reduce and distraction or resistance.
  • It can recover data from the optical devices; it is not the tool for hard drives and clouds.

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