O and O Disk Recovery For Data Recovery

O and O Disk Recovery

O and O Disk Recovery For Data Recovery

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O and O Disk Recovery

The efficient and most trustable utility tool. It recovers the data which has been lost due to damage or mistakenly deleted by you. It has simple features. Not so hard and tough things you need to do to recover the data. You just simply have to visit their website and just click on next and next on the wizard, and you will be on finishing page after a couple of seconds. 

Simply select the file which you want to recover then select the format of the file and the destination directory where you want to store the regained file. It supports multiple formats of the files like DOCS, PPT, PDF, XLS, and JPG.

One of the important things of this utility tool is that it takes less time in processing and a sharp feature is added into it, which usually ignores the exiting files which save most of your time. It has three processes if the file isn’t recovered by one process then from the second process, it will be recovered and if not from second then for sure it will be recovered from the third process. The three processes phase which will help you to recover the files more accurately and deeply. It supports multiple formats like XLS, DOCS, JPG, PDF and MPV4.

One of the disadvantages of this that it is not portable; you have to download this software, and it doesn’t show the success ratio of the recovered files. So it needs improvement in some points like this the rest is fine. Although this is one of the most recommended tools for the recovery of the data no matter whether they have been lost permanently or you have deleted it mistakenly

The clean interface and the basic guide will also help its user to operate it without any sort of hesitation.

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Interface, Specs, Features, and Compatibility

  • Although it’s free software in the free version, many functionalities of this software are lacking. So if you want to recover your data with accuracy, then you have to download its paid version. The price of this software is 99$.
  • It can support all versions of windows
  • The downloadable file size is 11MB
  • It can recover almost 400 types of files including different formats
  • It can recover data from all sorts of storage devices like from hard disk, removable devices, flash, or USB as well.
  • The number of recovery of files is unlimited.
  • The interface is quite user-friendly. It can be used by anyone.
  • Wizard is quite easy to use for the searching and recovering of the file. 

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