Recover My Files For Data Recovery

Recover My Files Tool For Data Recovery

Recover My Files For Data Recovery

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Recover My Files

Recover my files is the most trusted and authentic tool to recover the files which have been damaged. If you are working on your pc and due to any issue your system is crashed, and you haven’t saved the document, so it means that all of your efforts will be in vain and your time has waste. But if you have a backup plan then surely you will not have to face this issue. The backup plan means you should have a back recovery utility tool which will help you to recover all of your damaged files.

The specific filter option will allow you to select the file which you want to recover and then you will select the format of the file, the formats can be (LXX, DOCS, JPG, MPV4). Then choose the directory in which you want to store that particular recovered file. The simple interface design will allow you to interact with this utility tool efficiently and easily. Recover the files even if it is deleted from the recycle bin. It reimburses the files after partitioning error, besides this get back data from the RAW hard drives. The scanning process time is short for smaller files, and it doesn’t require too much space on your system. We have added many other best data recovery tool and you can check them out.

But on the other hand, if you want to process some large files then surely it will take a long time. One of the disadvantages of this utility tool is overlapping. In the overlapping process, it can’t open the multiple files which should be removed so a user can open or view multiple files. It doesn’t process fast on large files, on the other hand on smaller files it works fine but should be working the same as for large files. The unregistered version doesn’t have the full functionality; it doesn’t allow you to store the recovered files fully means the accuracy will vary, which is not a good point in the unregistered version.

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Interface, Specs, Features, and Compatibility

  • The download size for this tool is 98MB
  • It can work on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7(32 or 64 bit), Windows 8(32 or 64 bit), and Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit).
  • It can recover files like documents, pictures, audio, and emails.
  • It can recover the data from the disk after a hard disk is crashed.
  • It supports NTFS, FAT(12/16/32)
  • It will also help to retrieve the data from the RAW drives.
  • It is trial version is free for sometime
  • But it’s a paid tool with various packages. The standard version price is 69.95$.

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